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September 14, 2012

I’ve not written lately. No I’m not lazy to write. The reason is: I’ve been working a lot. I had a tremendous amount of tasks lately.

Migrating Servers :

The management decided that the time has come for the Finance group to get a new awesome super high speed server. The server is really fun to work with. It’s fast and reliable, much better than the old P4 box with Windows Server 2000 we had. Yes windows Server 2000 with Oracle 8. We had lots of Oracle 9 10 and 11 servers already, but the old P4 box was the old development server with CVS as a version control system. You can smell the heavyness of the update .

Details of the migration:

  • ****Oracle  8 to 11 migration: Usual import export stuff. With running some custom upgrade scripts . Not a big deal, but lots of instances takes long time.

  • CVS to SVN migration. This was the most interesting part. There is a great tool called CVS2SVN. I’ll describe the process a little bit more detailed here:

It wasn’t that easy but it was fun. If we’d be running *nix servers it would work out of the box, but for Windows we needed CygWin.

  • Install cygwin (with python, cvs, svn, gnutls, optionally rxvt)

  • Copy the “CVSROOT” folder and the module folders  for your project from your CVS repository into a new folder “cvs” in your Cygwin user directory (C:\cygwin\home\user\cvs).

  • Dump CVS with CVS2SVN Like this :[code] $cvs2svn —dump-only —dumpfile ./cvs2svn.dump —fallback-encoding utf_8 —encoding utf_8 ./cvs/[/code]

  • Create a subversion repo. In this case the name will be YourRepo

* C:\Program Files\visualSVN Server\bin>svnadmin --parent-dir yourRepo load pathToSVNRepository < C:\cygwin\home\user\cvs2svn.dump

If everything went trough correctly every file from CVS and the full CVS history. Time to SVN Checkout :)

I’m migrating the buildscript from using CVS to SVN. It’s also huge amount of fun.

And yes, with migration comes data cleanup. I removed 3800 minimum 3 years old Oracle dumps from the global network share with a handy python script :)


At home i’m still working on the backend of Csapat.com, on a now secret but soon public project, and of course shellcloud . Shellcloud is making slow progress due to lack of time, but i promise it will be ready ;–)


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