My problem:

I had to generate UML for the RPG project , i kew, Netbeans had support for UML designing and generating before 7.0 , but with 7.0 this feature was gone.

My solution:

After a bit of googling i found yDoc by yWorks, wich one has a free community edition, and is basically an UML-Doclet.

How to set-up yDoc? 

  1. Download the community or the premium version of yDoc

  2. Extract the zip file to your hard disk

  3. Put the doc,resources and lib files somewhere on your hard drive, i’ve put it under /opt/umldoclet/

  4. Open up Netbeans, select the project you want to generate UML for, then open up project properties

  5. Go into Build Options->Documenting

  6. Under additional Javadoc Options fill in the following: -docletpath /opt/umldoclet/lib/ydoc.jar -resourcepath /opt/umldoclet/resources -doclet ydoc.doclets.YStandard -umlautogen (replace the path to yDoc corresponding to your installation)

  7. Clean and Build

  8. Right click on your project and Generate JavaDoc

  9. If everything went correctly your UMLs are just generated into your javadoc documentation

  10. . Enjoy!


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