I’ve been playing around in the cloud lately a lot. I registered a free Amazon EC2 plan, my experiences are the following:

  • EC2: [block-message type=“notice” close=“true” text=“EC2 is well-known , I know it’s nothing new, and millions of blog posts are in this topic, but allow me to not give a fuck about this fact, and write about it really shortly in this post”]

    • EC2 is simply awesome, and the one year free usage of a micro instance with lots of another services is just the icing on the top. Click here for more details on free usage tier. So, it’s pretty cool. Micro instances have limited memory  (590 MB), but you can live with that, just use your resources wisely. You can use Amazon’s super stable infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about usages. I really love Azure, but EC2 gives you just more control over your instances. You gotta love it

    • New Relic:

      • New Relic  is a Web Application and Server monitoring utility available for free, it has a lot of really cool premium features, but if you deploy your first app, you will be automatically converted to Pro Trial,to be able to evaluate the premium features also. As I mentioned earlier , EC2 micro instances have limited amount of memory, so i’ve just set up an alarm for memory usage (85%) , so if my EC2 instance goes above 85% of memory usage, i’ll be notified to fix the issue.

      • Deployment is really simple. You add one PPA for Ubuntu, and install a daemon for the server monitoring part, and a PHP module for PHP Application monitoring. Deployment took around 5 minutes for me ,including the configurations. You have to edit 2 config files (add your new relic API key, and set the application name of your PHP app [Optional])

      • Dashboard: The New Relic dashboard is amazing. I really enjoyed discovering every little option and feature in it. The user experience is alright, it has a nice and responsive Ui, you don’t have to look hard for statistics, they just fall into the eye. I love this product, and i think you also would.

      • Earlier I mentioned PHP application monitoring. Well, New Relic Supports monitoring for PHP, Python,Ruby,Java and .NET web applications, so you have plenty of opportunities to choose from.

      • For a limited time , if you create a New Relic account and deploy it to a server you’ll get a free data nerd t-shirt. :)

    • GitLab:

      • Who wouldn’t like to run GitHub on his own server without paying GitHub a cent. Well GitLab is the solution

      • It is a “Fast, secure and stable solution based on Rails & Gitolite.” It really looks and feels like GitHub, but runs on your own server.

      • I’ve some projects in Public domain, but the RPG project, well, we plan to put some parts , for example our network stack implementation out from public domain, so the self hosted Git repo came in picture.

      • GitLab supports: CI integration, merge requests, Public key management, Tickets, Wiki and other cool GitHub features.

      • The installation was not hard at all. I had to write plenty of lines in the terminal, but it was not hard at all. Click here for the installation manual

      • You can for Gitlab on GitHub here

      • There is a CI module for it on GitHub too here


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