2013 Berlin

September 20, 2013

So (my first ever Monitorama) just ended and i just can’t describe how cool it was.

BTW Berlin is a really wonderful and amazing city. You’ve gotta love the vibrant scene there, with lots of historical parts worth to mention.

So the talks, and the people i met on the first day were cool, but the workshops on the second day. Man, i mean really, it was the icing on the cake.

Collectd, Riemann, Dashing, Graphite scaling, and last but not least a little about Descartes. But my favourite one was the talk of Abe Stanway about Kale. My mind just blew up with the ideas how many things become possible and less sucky with an automated anomaly detection system. ┬áBut i liked the Dashing talk also as much as this one, so i can’t decide. I’ve got a love about pretty dashboards and automation, get over it.

It was good to be there, i really would like to come next year also .


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