Errbit and it’s hosted counterpart Airbrake are great tools to capture and track your Application’s Exceptions. The only problem is, the interface they provide is a restful API in which one you can post errors in a nice XML format. The only problem with this is http, or if I go deeper tcp. If your app has  a really bad time , and gets flooded with exceptions (for example in case of cascading errors  eg.: a database outage) your application could get into serious locks if you try to send all the exceptions directly. Yes of course you could use a queue to store exceptions, and process them asynchronously, or you could just do the whole thing via udp.

That’s why i started to hack on my pet project, really creatively named “Err-proxy” , which one is really an error proxy listening on UDP for error messages and forwarding them on the regular HTTP way to the Airbrake or Errbit server. It’s written in node.js (Yes, I’m coding in node, no thank you ,I feel all fine, it’s just the right tool for the problem), and inspired by statsd a lot. It’ll be in working state in a few days, and i’ll share the github repo here(It’s a private repository at the moment). Here it is:


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