Ustream Hackathon Recap

March 31, 2014

There was a the first ever Hackathon held at Ustream a good month ago, this is just a short summary about my experiences, and how fun it was.

Long story short, i led a team named Call of Duty and we reached the 4. place out of 12 teams, so it was a pretty decent achievment, i’ve got to say.

The story of the Hackathon, you have an idea, you collect your team, and you get one day to make a working protoype based on your idea. We wrote an alerting and incident escalation application, much like Pagerduty, and it is free, so the name DutyFree was absolutely trivial.

Soon you’ll find the source code on Ustream’s github account, we just got to clean it up a little. Here is a good photo taken at 4 a.m of the team.


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