As an Infrastructure Engineer lately I’ve the lovely task to develop new, or select existing Open Source tools which fit our needs at Ustream, and even extend them to fit our needs better. Such tools have a massive potential to improve developer productivity in many ways, and I’m a developer, I want to be productive, and I want to help other devs to be more productive too. This is why I love it so much. I remember how astonished I was, when I used for example Vagrant for the first time. My reaction was an immediate WOW. It was a really cool experience, to be honest, not to speak of more “visually intense” tools like Graphite. After that , I went to Monitorama, and I still refer to it, as the most inspiring conference I ever visited. I fell in love with tools there irreversibly. Now more than 1,5 years have passed since then, and now I can proudly tell, I’ve got my (at least partially) own tools.

The first ever tool i had the chance to work on was Errbit, which is an error logging and aggregation service, like . I really enjoyed working on it, and working with it, because it solved a real problem, logging errors can be hard.

Then came GitLab, which is a super awesome self hosted git repository management thingy, something like Github enterprise , just for free.

And then the totally own stuff : Openduty which is the result of the first ever Ustream Hackathon (see previous post).

After that I even had the chance to contribute to some awesome piece of code written written by one of my best friends working at Prezi called Changelog

And I’m still working on great stuff inside and outside the office. So yes, tools are awesome, and make life more awesome too, if they are used well. Automation makes life better, so:



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