This post is just my personal opinion, I don’t want to tell You , to finish or don’t finish university, it’s up to You to decide. Thanks.

So, it’s official now, I’m an university dropout. And actually I don’t really mind it.


  • You don’t have to have a CS degree of any level to be a great engineer.
  • Mathematics was lectured on a high standard, it was cool like this, but sadly, you can’t say the same about programming at all. We only had programming courses, because we had to have them (you know, CS faculty.).
  • lots of the material (approx. around 90% in Hungary, on ELTE) is basically useless to someone, who has seen some code before university. I’ve picked up that 10% of the material, that I’ve found useful, so I’ve wasted no time
  • Instead of the 90% useless material I can learn 90% useful stuff. For example Go, I’m into learning Go right now.
  • Since i work at my current place, I took 2 passive semesters, because I wanted to focus on the things i do there. I like to work on problems, and learn useful stuff a lot more, than to sit at a course and listen to a class about “How to write a class in Java” 4 hours long (it’s a true story actually)
  • I don’t want to state, that you don’t need deep theoretical knowledge to be a great software engineer, but you can learn the needed material on your own, maybe it will be a bit harder, but it can be done. Have you ever heard of coursera? I’m pretty sure you all did.
  • Experience is worth more than the diploma

Basically I had to make a choice, go to night course after work (giving up work was not even on my mind, I love it way too much), and give up on every spare time, pet project, social activity. Well you see my point,I think. So that was it.


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