Leaving Ustream

February 07, 2015

After almost 2,5 years of never ending fun and hard work, at the end of February I’ll leave one of the greatest tech companies of central Europe, Ustream.


I haven’t been fired, and I haven’t gone insane neither, I just had a great opportunity, to work at a startup from almost the very beginning. And my good old ego wouldn’t allow me to let this opportunity slip away. I think at my age(I’m 23, doh, so old[no, not really), you have to take some risk. I enjoyed every moment of this 2,5 years at Ustream, and thanks for them again, for being as awesome as they are. I Love you all guys, and I always will.

So, what now?

So, I’m starting to work at Endticket from March, as the Infrastructure guy of the company, and start to establish new and polish existing processes and workflows related to build, deployment, monitoring, alerting, uptime and so on, you know the usual stuff, in the name of Devops.

And what will happen to the open source stuff built at Ustream?

I won’t abandon any of my open source projects. I’ll remain to be the maintainer of Openduty, Specialist, and Errbit Proxy. Plus, expect some Slack related hotness to arrive until the end of February, because I want to see that stuff open sourced, as long as I have the chance to do so.


I already have some pretty crazy and useful stuff in mind to build there, and the good news is: Everything not tightly coupled to the business logic will be open sourced, because of the previously mentioned Ego related craziness of mine. And open source is good for the company as well.

So Endticket, here we go soon!



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