February 08, 2016

Long time, no see. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, not even remotely dead. I’m just pretty busy. I’m actually working on great stuff at work and some great music when not at work. But this is a tech blog, so let’s talk about code, and infrastructure.

Lately I do a lot of coding in ruby because of logstash, some node, because it’s still great stuff, and obviously Python.

Ruby and Logstash:

We started to use Logstash, in our central logging solution, that’s not any kind of a secret. But not all of the needed plugins were available, or up to date. So these two were born:


Oh I did lots of stuff in node lately, The majority of them are already open, the minority never will be. But believe me, it’s great stuff, with zipstreams and ceph involved, and token based authentication. You can guess what it does. We use Hipache for load balancing, it’s a great piece of software, i just had to tweak some nuts and bolts around it, For example it’s web based admin interface, or the healthcheck system around it. The other part where I have been deeply active lately, is monitoring and alerting as always. In this case this nice little thingie, which happened to be abandoned, sadly. It just needed some care, and someone to take the dust off it and not it’s more shiny than ever. Basically, it’s a service to monitor your site’s uptime and alert when the site goes down.


The Openduty related pythonic part of my life goes on, and so does tweaking some internal stuff in the backend of Endticket, but to mention some interesting stuff also, did you ever want some centralized control dashboard where you could for example trigger new container builds, deploy some code, see deployed versions, maybe initiate some DB backups, or add new users to your VCS? We’re building something like this, and when we get to the point, it’ll be open, I promise.

Wanna be smart?

Also, after working on open source, i want to turn in some of the earned positive karma. Do you want to work on great stuff, or maybe work with me? Endticket is looking for cats who code and have Linux sysadmin skills!

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