This is a short list of my previous and current projects. You can check them out if you want.

  • Dilaco Lighting-Agro : A page about the agro lighting system of Dilaco Lighting written in PHP.

  • ELTE PPK : Eötvös Lorand University Faculty of Education and  Psychology . Installation and customisation of Wordpress .

  • INFOR:Finance: Accouting software in PL/SQL and Delphi . NOTE: this is not my own project , I only worked on it between 2011 January and 2012 November.

  • Csapat.com: a social network in CakePHP

  • Peksnack Sweden: CMS development for the website

  • Webshit engine: A simple blog engine i wrote for fun, and to test my PHP and MVC skills. Source @ Github

  • Stockportal : Wordpress based CMS and Highcharts based graphing system.

  • PS4 Ustream Integration : Ustream is integrated into PS4 gaming consoles.

  • Openduty an incident escalation and alerting solution

  • Currently i work at Endticket as an infrastructure engineer.

Well that was the bigger and official part. You can check out my GitHub page for more